Book Peeps For Hire

I’m reading a lot of terrific self-published work these days.  Hooray!  On the other hand, what I’m seeing all too often in these proudly published works by some very talented writers are typos and word omissions.  Oops!

Hey, I know that proofreading can be a drag and, quite frankly, proofreading your own work is really not a good idea.  Why?  Because reading is not the same thing as proofreading! You are so invested in your story (as you should be) that you often miss the obvious. What you are likely doing is reading your story, not proofreading it!

Have you ever used the services of a proofreader?  If your answer is “no”, then you may want to consider my services as your second pair of eyes.  If, indeed, you’ve enlisted proofreading or editing services in the past and they missed some now glaring errors, why not give me a shot at proofreading your next bestseller.  Let me be your second pair of eyes.

Book Peeps does much more than proofread:

  1. Book Reviews:  Would you like me to review your book on my blog?  Every post goes out to 2000+ followers on Book Peeps blog, Book Peeps Facebook Page, Twitter, and Google.
  2. Need some co-creative juice for your next book or other project?  Everything and anything from co-writing, ghost writing or simple writing/editing suggestions that will help your sentences and paragraphs flow.

Not just books!  Book Peeps can also help with writing/editing/set-up of:

  1. Resumes
  2. Executive, creative and personal profiles (text only)
  3. Articles for publication or submission.
  4. Blog Posts
  5. Twitter feeds 
  6. Facebook pages
  7. Blog

Just starting out?  Have a question or need some advice?:

I believe most of us learn by trial and error.  That’s me, too.  I have set up my own social media accounts/blogs, etc.  While I agree they are relatively user friendly, you are still likely to run into a snag every once in a while. Searching through forums can be time consuming and frustrating.  I can save you some time.   

*Just who the heck isBook Peeps?   I’m a woman who has worn many hats in the territory known as “Corporate America” for 20+ years and have done so, like many of you, while juggling all of the responsibilities of family life including dealing with those sudden curve balls that life unexpectedly throws at us.  With more time available, a positive and genuinely caring attitude, and armed with the knowledge, skills, compassion and wisdom gained, I would value the opportunity to help.  If you are passionate and focused on attaining your professional and/or creative goals and would value a little, or a lot of help, let’s talk.

Creatively, I am endeavoring to consistently flex and strengthen my own writing muscle. One way I do that is via this blog but I also have some offline “work-in-progress” pieces that may one day come together as a book.  I also enjoy drawing in pencil and pastel when the mood strikes and time allows, but the written word is decidedly my better talent. This works out perfectly as writing is my own most personally satisfying form of creative expression.

*I will gladly share a link to my LinkedIn profile in response to all serious inquiries.

Photo of Book Peeps

The real “Book Peeps”

Let’s get started!  Please fill out and submit the contact form below.  The next step will be to schedule a time to talk in more detail about your project and how Book Peeps can help you!

Posted on February 19, 2014

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