Book Review: The Merchant of Venice Beach

Book Cover-The Merchant Of Venice Beach

Book Title:      The Merchant of Venice Beach
Genre:             Contemporary Romance
Author:            Celia Bonaduce

Suzanna, Eric and Fernando have been inseparable friends since high school and the 3 currently share a living space that sits on the second floor of a quaint old building that is also home to  Suzanna’s tea room/bookstore business , “The Rollicking Bun – Home of the Epic Scone”.  Eric and Fernando each have their own role, along side Suzanna, in the running of her business that is now urgently in need of a facelift.

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Book Review – The Energy Cure, Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing

Book, The Energy Cure, William Bengston, PhD

Title:           The Energy Cure, Unraveling the Mystery of Hands-On Healing
Author:       William Bengston, PhD (with Sylvia Fraser)

“It has often appeared, while I have been soothing my patients, as if there were some strange property in my hands to pull and draw away from the afflicted parts aches and diverse impurities” ~Hippocrates, the father of medicine

Dr. Bengston, by profession, is professor of sociology at St. Joseph’s College, NY.  In 1971, shortly after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and while contemplating what he would do next, he took a job lifeguarding for the summer in Great Neck, Long Island, NY.   One day a fellow lifeguard pointed out to Bengston a man he described as a “psychic”.   Curious, Bengston approached and questioned Bennett Mayrick about his psychic ability. Mayrick explained that he had only recently discovered it, quite by accident and, ironically, never before believed in such things. Mayrick had the ability to read a subject by holding a personal object of theirs in his hands.  After reading Bengston, using his wallet, Mayrick brought to Bengston’s attention a matter that the sociology student/lifeguard had absolutely no knowledge of.  A skeptical Bengston was non-plussed.  That is, until he later questioned his sister and found out that everything Mayrick had told him was accurate.

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Book Review: Return Again – How to Find Meaning in Your Past Lives and Your Interlives

Title:      Return Again – How to Find Meaning in Your Past Lives and Your Interlives
Author:  Georgina Cannon

Book Review: Return Again, Georgina Cannon


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. “  ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


It is believed by many that most of us have lived multiple lifetimes, and that (our soul/spirit) returns again and again to finish what was left unfinished in our previous life.  That all of human life and the experiences we have here exists as it does for the purpose of learning Continue reading