Easter Sunday

Chick sitting on top of colored eggs

I’m Confused.

Is Easter Sunday considered a holiday, a holy day or a celebration? Is it a national holiday or a religious holiday? Maybe it’s an “observance”. Is it just an “observance” or is it a “Catholic observance”? No, that can’t be right. What about the Greek Orthodox? They’re observing this Sunday too. Or maybe they’re celebrating instead.

Truth be told I think it’s the Catholics’ fault that their Easter Sunday falls on the same date as the Greek Orthodox Easter observance this year because everyone knows that the Catholics always show up late for Sunday mass.

Should we rename Easter this year to “Greekster”? How about, “GO-Easter”? Um, on second thought I think “GO-Easter” might offend someone. It sounds just a little too cheerleader to me.

What do I do now? I’ve got less than 2 days to figure this shit out and buy all the groceries. Sorry for cursing back there. Is it too late to give up four letter words for Lent?

Should I bake Easter Bread (Greek Orthodox) or Easter Pie (Catholic)? Will I insult everyone if I do both?

Should I roast a leg of lamb (Greek Orthodox) or bake a spiral ham (Catholic)?

What about dessert?

What color(s) do I dye the eggs for the egg hunt? Red (Greek) or Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow (Catholics and heathens)?

We’re supposed to dance around the Maypole. Right? I mean, wrong. That’s on May Day. That’s in May.   Right?

Do I go to services at the Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church or the Greek Orthodox Church? Maybe I should go to the Vertical Church, they accept everyone.

Scratch that. I don’t go to church except when I attend a wedding or a funeral. At least they have the courtesy to tell me where to go.

Hopefully I’ll figure this all out in time and without getting too much egg on my face.

Here’s wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy Easter? Greekster? Whatever!

8 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. 🙂 there was a moment where it kind of sounded like Dr. Seuss: “Should I roast a leg of lamb (Greek Orthodox) or bake a spiral ham (Catholic)?” jejejeee… I am Catholic and I go to the church where my children will stay awake during the whole service, i.e. the one with the most upbeat chorus :/ but I do have a question: do I really have to make lunch? Personally, Easter Sunday has been (since a few years ago) a day that makes me very nervous, it’s the day we had a 7.3 earthquake and was followed by almost two years of daily earthquakes… so, I’ll be home taking it easy, maybe baking some brownies, maybe!!! great post, alexandra

    • Thanks! Love Dr. Seuss so maybe that line was channeled. 🙂 I’m with your kids 100% –unless there’s good entertainment I’m likely to nod off in church.

      Yikes! A 7.3 earthquake is major and I understand your feeling the jitters at Easter! You’re definitely off the hook for lunch. Maybe I’ll just chuck the whole thing since you gave me an out. I’m just going to sit down with a plate of fresh baked brownies. On second thought, forget the plate, I’ll just eat them right out of the pan. 🙂

      • Just as I was telling you about our Big One, they had a version of it in Mexico City, so from experience :/ and a bit of intiition, they had an 8 a few weeks ago in Chile, now the 7 in the Pacific coast here in Mexico… OMG, it may, and i really want to be wrong, itay be our turn in a week or two… Shit! I said it 😦 but it’s coming up the coast, we’re on neighboring plates… Sorry for the science lecture… Enjoy your brownies right from the pan, just ley them cool off a bit first… With a huge glass of milk… Would you eat the first on to our health and the second one to our sanity?

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